Blake-Turner Contest?

What if we could have an (on line) contest between the two greatest racing sailors of all time that was as big as the boxing matches between the two greatest boxers of all time?

Ali Frazier Poster

But what if this contest was not about who would win a “World Championship” but something infinitely bigger, infinitely more important?

What if it could be staged in a way that the greatest beneficiaries were the streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans of the world? And all the creatures that live there? And all the humans who scuba, surf, fish, sail and swim there?

What if the “battle” was not about who could get a sailboat from Point A to Point B the fastest,

Ted Turner
but which Team could launch the “best” ideas that would accelerate the good work of others? The Team that had the most compelling videos?
Sir Peter Blake
The Team that caused the widest readership? The Team that garnered the biggest headlines?

The Team that came up with plans that were both financially affordable and could have a long-term impact with extraordinarily positive, upbeat results?

The ones that, as Oprah would say, would cause an “Aha! Moment“?

What if we could entice a great many of those who are already passionate about the oceans, rivers, lakes, fisheries and forestries, to help spread the word? — an endless list!

What if we could aim a good portion of this at school children around the world as a part of ongoing programs that embedded deeply into their minds, hearts and souls the importance of clean water, healthy fish, healthy animals, healthy seas?

What if we could use all the tools of ‘distance education’ to bring our messages to classrooms all over the world – from pre-school to graduate school?

What if those “messages” were in the form of games and quizzes that made it fun at the same time it was solidly, intellectually received — no matter the age of the learner?

What if we could engage all those who are involved in very creative e-learning mechanisms to come on board?

What if we could engage the world’s best search engine gurus, in each “corner”, to see which one could cause the most views of “their” Team?

What if we could engage sponsors of a kind that have their names on sails, booms and hulls of the great sailing races in the world? Or even the smallest? From dingy to cargo ship — Given the stakes, what is not possible?

The mind boggles!!!

Interested? Contact, John Hibbs
skipper AT bfranklin DOT edu

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