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Unleashing The Second Superpower to Mitigate Grave Threats to the Ocean

This is the condensed version of an extended piece under the title Antidotes to Ignorance. The purpose of both is to provide a very comprehensive outline for mitigating the extraordinary perils now facing the Ocean. PROBLEM – An existential threat … Continue reading

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The Hard Questions

Continued from Hibbs Submission on Ignorance. Click here; How do we KNOW our train is on track? And on time? How many are on board? What is the contributing value of engineer, fireman, conductor, passengers and cargo? Like an Alaskan … Continue reading

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Antidotes to Ignorance – Unleashing The Second Superpower

VIEW CONDENSED VERSION HERE PREFACE: “…… the single most frightening and dangerous threat to the Ocean, the one that stands alone, yet is at the base of all the others, is ignorance.” Dr. Sylvia Earle, Sea Change, Page 336. LIGHTENING … Continue reading

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