e-Learning & Ocean Protection

Let’s begin this conversation by asking viewers to take a few moments to peek at the two videos below. They “set the stage” for what I call the underpinnings for what I call The War on Ignorance.

Here are the videos.


Now, within that context, as above, let us ask these questions:

Sea Change

1. THE CORE ISSUE: If the perils of the ocean are an existential threat to the planet – as they are; and if Dr. Sylvia Earle’sgravest fear is ignorance” — as is well articulated in her book SEA CHANGE; and if “the antidote to ignorance is “education– Shouldn’t all advocates for protection of the Ocean resource their entities accordingly? Isn’t everything else either a side-show? Or support elements to be subordinated to what I call the War on Ignorance?

2. Queen Noor, Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Oprah, etc. etc. etc. bring powerful spot lights to the problem. But where are “equal” spotlights to those likely to bring the EDUCATIONAL solutions? Where is Sir Ken Robinson? Sir John Daniel? And those of sterling mettle?

3. The revolution in e-learning, e-education, e-conferences, has been well underway for twenty years. There is an abundance of talent we should tap. Which leads me to these questions:(a) Who, exactly, is “in charge” of the “education component”; where can we read more about him or her? (b) How do we DEEPLY incorporate 21st Century tools into both education and advocacy? (c) How do we bring all of this together?

4. In 2003, Dr. James Moore wrote a brilliant piece called “The Second Superpower“. What he portended then has now become “The Arab Spring”. Education delivery is now undergoing the same level of impact – most especially for those now 12 years old and under. If we don’t inculcate into those 12 and under the need to conserve and protect, aren’t we kidding ourselves that REAL change can actually take place?

5. What are SEA, OWOO, The Ocean Project, World Ocean Day doing to be at the forefront of this wave? What are the plans to change both optics and follow-through? What are the metrics?

P.S. More pointedly: Where is Mark Zuckerman in the photo?

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Avid sailor, History graduate, University of Oregon. MBA graduate, Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Course work University of Mexico; London School of Economics; University of North Carolina. Green Beret, US Army 1964-66. Business career: imports & exports including 11 year stint in Asia with Getz Corporation, America's largest trading company. After Getz, Hibbs started United Amusements and grew it to the largest importer/distributor of coin-operated software in North America. From the early 1990's Hibbs passion turned to the extraordinary changes in the e-learning, e-conference arena. Bragging rights? - Imagineer, chief cook and bottle-washer to Global Learn Day, a 24 hour, 24 time zone event that featured exceptional innovation in education & technology, world-wide. Now, an evangelist for an Ocean Blue. Lives in Eugene, Oregon, home of the Ducks & Tracktown USA (former 3 hr 7 min marathoner - ages ago!)
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