Leadership of this Campaign comes from many sources. In particular, it comes from the very good advice of the late, great Sir Peter Blake:

YoutubeSource: SirPeterBlake

If there is a Team Leader, it’s John Hibbs, Founder of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education, imagineer for Global Learn Day, now approach 15 years since this 24 hour/24 time zone event took place. John lives in Eugene and is an ardent Duck.

Nathan Lowell, Grand Storyteller, Very Big Thinker, Word Press Guru, Academic — the guy with few words but Every Single One Counts. To him we attribute the Theme of this Campaign “What’s at stake is the human race.” Nathan lives in Greeley, Colorado

Annette Stock, who claims to be a “Speech Language Therapist”, but wears way too many hats to be so narrowly confined. She’s been the “Curtain Raiser” to Global Learn Day almost right from the start — (We begin GLD in New Zealand, because that’s “where the planet begins the New Day.”) A very large part of the Ocean Rights Campaign rests on the premise that one day we – The Team Warden Team – can do a fraction as much for the ocean as what the Kiwis already do in New Zealand. Annette, who lives in Rotorua is the glue that holds all the pieces together.

Blaine Berger, Chief Strategist, “foxhole buddy”, the man we call first when things are going south. Blaine is a networking specialist — the nerd who “wires up” places like San Francisco Airport, Google’s Server Farms, and other such stuff way beyond the ken of any “normal” human being. Blaine, by everyone’s account, is one of the finest individual one can ever met. Blaine lives in Longmont, Colorado.

David Wortley, who really and truly understands the value of human networking (and thus gives workshops all over the world). Dave also knows the huge, huge value of “serious games” and how much impact “game” will have in classrooms for those from 8 to 80. He’s an Englishman who lives in the village of Harbourgh, the town from which Thomas Cook, founder of Thomas Cook Travel, made is fame and fortune. Dave comes straight out of that mold.

Dr. Terry Redding, Chief Executive Officer to On-Line Training and “Chaplain” to Global Learn Day since the very first Voyage. He’s also the author to First Moment of Lasting Excitement — which, in large measure, is one of the foundation bricks to the ultimate goals of this Campaign. Terry lives in West Palm Beach, Florida

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    Shane Nelson, please email me or call me at work. Would love to touch base. Very impressed with website.

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